Welcome to Eco Backpacks, your dedicated online e-commerce store about sustainable eco-smart backpacks!


We’re a company that specializes in the production and selling of stylish eco-smart backpacks for both men and women. 

Eco Backpacks came about in order to help a major segment of consumers with better and improved backpacks. Whether that would be nomads, entrepreneurs, travelers, explorers, people going to college/school, etc.

We understand that people like this enjoy traveling and/or being on the move a lot and bringing their gear along. That’s why it’s only natural to see a demand for better backpacks. Thus, Eco Backpacks was born!


Customer satisfaction is something we take very seriously and are always working very hard towards in order to ensure our customers have a flawless experience. We take care of every issue that might arise before, during and after the order is placed, allowing you to shop with complete confidence and freedom, along with the certainty of having a dedicated and passionate support team to back you up. 


We offer a lot of our products for sale because we know that purchasing a backpack does not mean spending a fortune and that most outdoors enthusiasts are looking for backpacks that are cost-effective, durable and of the utmost highest quality that cannot be found anywhere else. Therefore, we have implemented a wide selection of items for you to choose from that fits your needs (and ours). 

Furthermore, now you have the possibility to learn about our eco-smart backpacks’ features directly on our site, and then decide which one is the best for you and your needs. To check out our shop selection now, click here

Happy shopping (or happy hunting, haha :P)!